What makes a website work for your needs? In fact, you would like authentic and interesting content moreover as a social media presence. Above all, you wish for an efficient, fast and secure website. For starters, a quick and trustworthy website provides a positive user experience, which increases traffic to your site. Second, it boosts your chances of achieving a decent SEO ranking, which suggests that potential customers are ready to find your website more easily. As well as, your hosting provider can facilitate you with all of that.

What is making my site slow?

Slow load times can be caused by many things, the most notable of which are the following:

Multiple page elements

Heavy site navigation

Slow third-party features

Multiple hosts

How to improve website speed

There are several things you can do to improve your site speed, which in turn improves traffic and leads:

  • Check your website’s load time with Google’s free page speed tool
  • Talk to your web developer and see if there are any changes that can be made
  • Avoid sites with a lot of flashes, JavaScript, and heavy loading elements
  • Mobile Speed Optimization – Users expect faster results when they use Google on the go!
  • Choose a quick and reliable web hosting provider
  • Media optimization
  • Enable Compress
  • Enable full page caching
  • Front End Improvement
The bottom line

Why is website speed important to SEO, the short account this question may be a faster website provides a stronger user experience, results in more traffic and conversions, all which help to enhance SEO and ranking.