An Ultimate Guide to Creating Landing Pages for Maximum Conversions

What are landing pages and why should you care?
Every business looking to scale online has a specific reason for creating landing pages and optimizing them to generate maximum results. However, here it is in a nutshell: you need landing pages to attain particular goals, whether that’s building your brand, growing your email broadcast list, or boosting your sales. Eventually, it facilitates some type of sign-in or purchase process for your customers.

What are Landing Pages:

A landing page is a webpage that lives separately from your website where you can focus on a single objective to generate leads. These pages are particularly focused on a particular type of service or product. It allows the maximum utilization of analytical data, reporting & testing a simpler task. 

According to Hubspot, 48% of marketers create a completely new landing page for each campaign.

Hubspot Research

Modern-day marketers and bloggers collect the visitor’s contact information using a lead-capture form, where their audiences can enter details like their name, email address, and job title.

You can use a landing page for numerous purposes. These lead-grabbing magnets can attract email leads, and contact numbers, sell a product, invite people to an event/webinar, launch an offer, and whatnot. However, the message must be clearly conveyed and linked to an appropriate call to action.

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It should be somewhat similar to the example shown below:

An Ultimate Guide to Creating Landing Pages for Maximum Conversions
Give a Boost to Your Startup

Here’s how online businesses can gain benefits by utilizing specific landing pages for successful marketing campaigns:

Create Landing Pages With an Impactful first impression:

An eye-tracking study by Conversion XL highlighted that it takes only 2.6 seconds for a user’s eyes to land on the part of your site that will leave an impression.

In reality, that time could be even shorter. Ion Interactive says people form impressions in just 1/20th fraction of a second.

In other words, traffic bounce rates increase if there is no impact. Therefore, the first impressions count more than anything. Landing pages can help businesses appeal to their audience so that they stick around longer to make the switch from reader to customer.

Coursera’s landing page for courses on how to build Microsites & Creating Landing Pages is the perfect example for you. That’s the impact of an outstanding landing page design that leads to a simple call-to-action button.

Take advantage of trust elements:

Did you know that Images, videos, and graphics are the eye candies that attract visitors and persuade them emotionally to take action? That’s because 40% of the people respond better to visual information than to textual info. It creates a positive user experience when you are creating landing pages that are visually appealing.

We have seen tremendous results by adding illustrations & graphical data to our blogs.

An Ultimate Guide to Creating Landing Pages for Maximum Conversions
Visual Information is Critical

Increase the conversion rate:

It’s much easier to capture email leads by creating landing pages that are well-designed than from a typical blog or website page. This is where the singular goal brings you a higher conversion ratio.

The reason behind that is your blog may focus on highlighting popular posts, gathering email subscribers, or recommending affiliate products. Meanwhile, a landing page has only ONE purpose.

Some landing pages don’t even have navigation elements/buttons in an effort to reduce distractions from the call-to-action.

At TMB, we bring you exactly what your business needs in order to improve your ROI and reach your goals just like a landing page.